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Viridian Air specialises in dust and air quality assessments for planning applications in relation to residential, industrial, and commercial developments across the UK. We also monitor air quality in workplaces to comply with the Health and Safety Executive’s regulations on Workplace Exposure Limits.

We provide a wide range of services tailored to the needs of planners and developers. We have expertise in construction dust risk assessment, air quality neutral assessment, and emission mitigation plans and statements.

We have successfully delivered a range of air quality assessments, air quality neutral statements, emission mitigation plans, air quality dust risk assessments for small to large residential, commercial (shops and warehouses), and industrial developments in England, Scotland and Wales. Please check our Case Studies section.

We assure you of the highest quality professional work, and the most competitive rates.

Our Solutions
to Your Requirements

We provide screening, baseline and detailed air quality assessment services

Air Quality Assessment

Air quality (impact and neutrality) assessments of a wide range of developments from small residential schemes in or near Air Quality Management Areas, to major mixed-use schemes. The assessments can be standalone reports or form part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Construction Dust Risk Assessment

Air quality dust risk assessment during demolition, construction and trackout phases of the development. Development of emission management and mitigation plan for control of air emissions to minimise health and ecological risks.

Emission Mitigation Plans

Development of sound mitigation plans in consultation with the client for control of construction dust and to minimise exposure of sensitive receptors to air pollution concentrations, meeting the National Ambient Air Quality Objectives.

Cleanroom Monitoring

We conduct monitoring of cleanrooms or clean zone in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, healthcare, aerospace, life sciences, and microelectronics. This could be either for the ISO 14644 compliance or for maintaining consistent, high quality environmental conditions required for specialised processes.

Our Credentials

The Viridian Air team is highly skilled with professional qualifications in environmental sciences and engineering, and information management. Its members are affiliated with the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) and the Institute of Environmental Sciences (IES). Our team includes a Fellow of the IAQM, a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, a Chartered Environmentalist and a Chartered Scientist. Collectively we have academic, research and practical backgrounds and will be able to deal with the consultancy requests of varied nature.

Viridian Air is a trading name of Viridian Leaf Limited. Company Number 10668625

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